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Cody Bourget

Agricultural Technologist

Cody Bourget is research and results driven. He has nearly a decade of experience building and operating vertical farms from North America to Europe.

With 8 years of training and management experience, he has exposure to a variety of vertical technologies plus has been well acquainted with the do’s and don’ts of CEA. Additionally, a background in environmental science has provided him with a firm grasp on chemistry; as well as plant, water, and bug ecology.

I met Cody from Cultivatd during my first week at Local Leaf farms. He was there as a consultant in order to guide us through the understanding of our growing system. He has been a great consultant. With me, he analyzed the entire growing system and went through each part of it, answering all of my questions. In the time he spent at the company with me, he also made significant changes that helped us move forward more efficiently. After his visit, he has always been available to answer more questions and has sent us a detailed report with recommendations and valuable SOPs layout that helped us.

Lead Agronomist, Local Leaf
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– Jean de la Bruyere

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